Kindergarten's Work Plan


- The kindergarten works in harmony with background music in English and Hebrew that is adapted to all the children.
- All the children play together and practice the transition from a free game to a structured social game like dominoes, puzzles and so on.
- The morning session begins with a song in English, a story and short poem on different subjects. Sometimes the session includes baking, arts and crafts or other activities.
- At the end of the morning session the children eat breakfast including a selection of fresh vegetables, hand-made pastries, fruit and healthy sandwiches.
- All under the supervision of a nutritionist.

Lunch and afternoon

- Free play time in our big backyard that's full of swing sets and slides. The children get to experience art through joy and excitement without any pressure or obligation.
- A brief conclusion of the day that includes singing and dancing.
- Lunch time and getting ready for bed.
- After the children wake up, they are given a light meal and play until each child gets picked up by their parents.

Afternoon program's Work Plan

Welcoming the kids

- The afternoon program begins with us meeting the children at the school gate and escorting them on our bus to our facility. Immediately the children are welcomed by the staff and are provided with a hot lunch.
- After lunch we have time to do homework, where I build each child their own individual study program that includes: 
1. Mathematical exercises (prepared by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) that are designed to advance and enrich the mathematical skills of the child.
2. Instrumental comprehension – collection of workbooks that develop the thought process.
3. Reading comprehension - from my experience and knowledge, the reading comprehension process doesn’t evolve easily and quickly and that is why I insist on working to develop this skill.
- This year we have English enrichment, as English has become a language that one needs to understand well in order to manage in the modern world.

In our afternoon program

- In order to develop communicate between the children, I have created two activities that have become our flagship:
· Mentoring activity: half an hour where our older children teach younger children a new game or activity. This activity has resulted in children of different ages bonding with each other.
· Producing a movie: In co-operation with Amit Fuss (counselor). At the beginning of this process, the children choose a theme and write a script, adding scenes as they wish. The children also run their own auditions for different roles. The shooting of the movies usually occurs on log vacation days and on those days the children are busy with organizing the costumes, make-up, lighting, studying their lines and dividing up the work between themselves. This process is very important for the children’s development as it enables them to work as a part of a team and assume responsibility. There is no doubt that the children love making the movies and looking back at their great achievements. This is my favorite time of the year as I build and encourage creativity and self-confidence in front of a camera.
- In addition, we bake every week and create a menu for the children to give out at their restaurant.
- We also take advantage of our big backyard and use it as a football field, as well as our inflatables and swimming pool that are used on vacation days.

about our food

- First of all and most importantly, the food given to the children is clean, fresh, adapted for kids and freshly cooked.
- The children receive homemade and delicious food without much frying and full of vegetables.
- In the afternoon meal, or as we call it, "Minhah", the children receive plenty of sandwiches and fruit.

Information about Vacations

The kindergarten and afternoon programs are open and  operate on most vacation days, and there is also an option for Friday afternoon child care
Vacation days calendar 2019-2020

Vacation calendar - kindergarten 2019-2020Vacation calendar - afternoon program 2019-2020

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