Producing a Movie

 Project in co-operation with Amit Fuss (counselor). The movie production process includes planning months ahead and the children choose the theme of the movie. The setting of the scenes starts with the children’s ideas and fantasies. Every character is built up by the children’s imagination and all the auditions and preparation of the sets are organized by the children. To date, we have produced three movies and each premiere is like the Oscars ceremony, including participation of the parents. Even our graduates come and enjoy the movie premiere. There are no words to describe the smiles and delight of the children when they see how successful their movie is and that all their hard work has finally paid off.

"Fortnite" movie - 2018

"Kfula" movie - 2017

Cooking and Baking

Our cooking activities have become a Thursday ritual. Every Thursday we bake delicious desserts and pastries together with the children and each child goes home with a mouthwatering memory for the weekend.
We already have completed 2 recipe books full of our own recipes!

volunteering in the community

Every year as Purim approaches, we embark on an activity for the benefit of the community and participate at the Purim festival held at the "Tali" School. The children organize and run three stations at the festival. In the past two years, the children have requested to have a dance station where all the community can enjoy our usual dance activity. One of the aims of the Purim festival is to raise money to provide food baskets for the needy for Pesach and Rosh Hashanah.

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts activities usually take place on school vacation days when the children can relax and enjoy the process and not just the result.
We create different things using recycled raw materials, for example, we make bags from t-shirts, key rings from polystyrene, water paint drawings from paper clips and many more creative ideas.


Every week, we have "Just Dance" activities, in which we give the children a chance to divide themselves into groups and choose a song that they'll perform. The activity is experiential, fun and especially sporty!


Every day in the vacation session (when the children are here from the morning) the older children start organizing their restaurant. The work in the kitchen commences as the children begin writing their menus, cutting fruit and vegetables, making sandwiches and preparing the drinks. The children set tables, wear aprons and take many selfies.   Every child who walks into the restaurant is entitled to their own play money and chooses their breakfast from the healthy menu the children have put together.  


We celebrate all of the children's birthdays. The children make the cake, decorate it and invite all the friends to sit around the table. The children sing for the birthday boy\girl and eventually eat the cake!

peer learning

as the children in the program are from all ages, once a week the older kids help the younger kid with their homework In this process the children develop self confidence.


The kids build a theatre for their shows, give all the rest of the children tickets, and perform a show In front of an audience. At the end of the performance, the children complement their friends for their hard work.

Making basket for those who need

Twice a year the children help making foof parcels to those in need. The kids prepare the baskets and together with their parents they get an adress and give a package out. This teaches the kids to be thankful for their lives and gives them proportion.

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